The Isolani Racing Team sport activity, for many years racing and winning with Ferrari, has been acquired by the multinational Daohe Group. This sport crosses the Great Wall in the “red” of the Prancing Horse to be known to the general public. Interest in Maranello in China is growing stronger and stronger. It is growing the Ferrari Club, the fans, the owners of the magnificent “red”.

Motor racing is a booming industry, from Formula 1 to Formula E, with electric motors, up to the smaller disciplines, so that it is organizing the national GT championship. The racing sport, but also road safety and new schools for the teaching of safe driving.

It will be the Italian driver Giacomo Ricci to carry on this new project, with his Team Manager experience only 29 years old. Ricci began his automotive career in the German Formula BMW ADAC 2001.

He has matured domestic and international experience, in 2008 he called the GP2 Series. Then get a gig with the DPR and continues with the DPR in the GP2 Series in 2009 along with Herck. After a double retirement in 2009-2010 GP2 Asia Series, he comes to points in the Emirates. It goes to the podium in race 2 behind the winner Davide Valsecchi and Herck. The first victory was in Bahrain, the last race of the season. Also confirmed for 2010, wins race 2 in Budapest before being replaced by Crestani. The Milanese driver, team manager of the Trident team (GP2 and GP3), has achieved excellent results thanks to his talent, his experience and his character.