In the Garden of the Brancaccio Palace three magnificent Ferrari. The main guests:  Prince Charles of Bourbon and the two Sicilies Duke of Castro, the Consul of Venezuela Fabio Cassano Pironti, the prince and princess Manuela and Eugenio Ruspoli, the fashion designer Anna Fendi and many television, sport and political personalities, invited to formalize the acquisition by the Daohe Group of the Isolani Racing Team: Racing with Ferrari.

The greeting of Pesident of Only Italy Irene Pivetti, the President of Daohe Group Zhou Xi Jian have testimony the close collaboration between the Italian and Chinese companies for a common growth and innovation aimed at opening a new chapter also in the sports world.

“In the garden, three magnificent Ferrari – so the President Pivetti starts the press conference on May 19 in Rome in the splendor of the palace Brancaccio – the Ferraris tonight are the symbol of Italian excellence and the symbol of excellence in relations between Chinese enterprises and Italian companies because we celebrate the acquisition by the Group Daohe the Isolani Racing Team with Ferrari. We are happy to have the real star of the evening, the President of Daohe Group Xi Zhou Jian”.

“Today we have signed this agreement, we acquired Islanders-Ferrari – he says President of the Chinese colossus – through this activity we can develop even further our ability in the sports sector, especially in the field of car racing. For China Isolani is a starting point. I would also like to thank the President Pivetti for her great collaboration in this acquisition.”